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Tod Williams & Billie Tsien (November 4, 1987)01:25:29

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien present a series of residential projects. They discuss materials and other issues related to a house in northwestern Colorado. For a house on a 3000 acre ranch for a family of four, they describe their approach of creating separate areas for the children and the parents. They describe the influence of John Hejduk on a house in Long Island.

Williams and Tsien present work on a smaller scale, and in a more conceptual mode. They describe a series of plaster casts produced for the American Academy in Rome. They present a design for a chair defined by two different geometries. They discuss the design for a house with a floating roof, and how it relates to the site. They present an entry for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial competition.

Williams and Tsien present a proposal for the redevelopment of New York City’s Columbus Circle. They describe the formal response to the site, “digging to China” in a circular crater in the middle off the intersection. They next document a collaboration with Jackie Ferrara for Art on the Beach, creating a temporary performance area on an East River landfill. They present a public art project composed of reclaimed concrete blocks, and describe their collaboration with New York’s Port Authority.

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