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Gaetano Pesce (November 14, 1997)01:26:05

Michele Saee introduces Gaetano Pesce as one of the leaders of innovative design in Italy. Pesce describes himself as focused on the future, with a love of new things which expresses itself in a fascination with new materials. He claims there is another art that we cannot yet recognize which is integrally related to freedom and democracy. He states that architecture is now a monument to the architect, but instead needs to engage society in a more democratic way.

Pesce discusses his work in industrial design. His goal is always to create systems of design and production where originality is embedded in each item rather than crafting the perfect object. Pesce presents a series of chairs which have functions other than sitting. He presents vases made from plastics and resins that are all unique and nearly indestructible.

Pesce discusses the importance of the “poorly done.” He maintains that imperfection is a characteristic of beauty, and encourages the exericise of the attitude that can see “badly executed” projects as beautiful. Pesce shows a number of objects he has designed that exhibit this type of beauty including lamps, rings, vases, and furniture. He explains some of the material properties and fabrication techniques that are integral to the design.

Pesce presents a showroom for children’s clothing which contains two door sizes: a reference to Madonna and child iconography. The coloration and patterning of the floor became an important element in the design. Pesce discusses the importance of exceptional clients who trust you.

He responds to questions about his use of materials.

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