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George Ranalli (February 2, 1994)01:22:38

Aaron Betsky introduces George Ranalli.

Ranalli discusses the driving principles of his work and practice: memory, analysis and invention. He describes program as a key element of his work, viewing human necessities as a spur to creation. Ranalli states that his projects aim to explore both the interaction of the program with the occupants as well as the interaction between the activity and the particularity of the site. He goes on to present the project for a small apartment in New York and a Manhattan shop interior and exterior.

George Ranalli presents a project for a house of a famous musician, a conversion of a historically-protected school building into housing, and a series of competitions for projects in Hong Kong, New York and Paris. Ranalli discusses how competitions allowed him to deal with social and political issues, interacting with different urban site and program hierarchies.

George Ranalli presents a project for a loft in New York, designs Milan design Triennale furniture and interiors, and a series of projects in Japan. Ranalli discusses how the furniture, material and fabrication become integral to his designs and how he investigates the relationships between different configurations and typologies.

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