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Christopher Macdonald (October 2, 1991)01:08:06

Michael Rotondi introduces Christopher Macdonald, noting his academic career at the Architectural Association, his work with Peter Salter, and his current role as a visiting studio critic at SCI-Arc.

Macdonald discusses the concept of custodianship of the land, referencing the way a Mennonite community in Bolivia organizes itself. Macdonald explains what he terms as the “enduring nature” of materials, while documenting the use of materials in his work. Macdonald explains the influence of entropy, natural forces, and non-Cartesian forms on his work.

Macdonald presents a series of projects completed in collaboration with Peter Salter. The first is an extension to a museum, which responds to light and the slope of the territory. He presents a project for a convention center and housing units in Berlin. He discusses a folly for the International Garden and Greenery Exposition in Osaka in terms of man and nature in the 21st century, and presents many construction details.

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