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Architects, artists and public art (December 8, 1994)01:46:27

Joe Lewis moderates a panel addressing the percent for the arts ordinance, its use and effects in Culver City. The panelists are architect Eric Owen Moss , artist Mark Allen, the Director of the public art program in Seattle Barbara Goldstein, architect and former critic of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner Joseph Giovannini, and Joe Lewis, artist and teacher at CalArts.

Giovannini suggests “an interdisciplinary-ness going on in both directions … and it should be encouraged,” between architects and artists, and states, “no longer should art be an add-on,” to architecture. Allen in his opening comments, humorously says he called Jesse Helms to find out the answer to the question of What is art? Moss explains he is not interested in collectives or lobbies for architecture or artists. Goldstein states the question of art and architecture must consider public policy. The discussion covers the value of the ordinance for artists, the potential of developers side-stepping the ordinance, and the suggestion by Moss to look at other ways, such as a tax, to depoliticize the ordinance.

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