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Frank Israel & Josh Schweitzer: Pacific overtures (March 6, 1991)01:48:38

Aaron Betsky introduces Frank Israel and Josh Schweitzer. Israel graduated from Yale, and Columbia, worked in the entertainment industry before starting his own firm, and teaches at UCLA. Josh Schweitzer graduated from the University of Kansas, and then worked for Frank Gehry before starting his own firm.

Israel presents a number of buildings with bowstring truss roofs that he renovated for entertainment industry clients. He also refurbished the Eames studio on Abbot Kinney.

Josh Schweitzer describes restaurants he has designed or renovated, such as the City Cafe and the Border Grill.

Israel describes some of his residential projects, such as the penthouse of Liberty Tower in New York, which he tried to contrast to the Manhattan landscape below. In Robert Altman’s house in Malibu and other houses with great views, Israel tries to make a relationship with the view. Israel maintains that in L. A. it’s important to properly orient the view, the fireplace and the TV in the bedroom.

Josh Schweitzer describes a number of residential projects he has completed, such as his own house which was formerly a swimming school, and a vacation home in Joshua Tree.

Israel and Schweitzer then present their unbuilt works. Israel explains his plan for a building behind Frank Gehry’s Binoculars Building, that can compete with its scale. Schweitzer presents a conceptual store proposal for a Japanese client.

Israel and Schweitzer present some smaller works, such as furniture and models. Israel presents his Walker Arts Center exhibit. He talks about how the film industry influences him. Schweitzer presents some of his furniture and sculpture.

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