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John Lautner (January 23, 1991)01:42:21

SCI-Arc student Dina Silverman introduces the lecture series followed by Michael Rotondi who introduces to John Lautner.

Lautner begins by distinguishing his own work from media-driven merchandise. He discusses a cabin his father built in northern Michigan. He describes arriving in Los Angeles and how he managed to get started without any financial backing. He discusses distinctive techniques, such as his use of independent roof structures and his solution for leaking window panes.

Lautner discusses projects as specific solutions to a number of design problems. He gives an example of a mountain cabin in Idyllwild. He also discusses some of his residential projects and his relationship to the client requests. He jokes about his ability to build on un-buildable lots, his refusal to use retaining walls, and his use of concrete.

Lautner discusses his work on larger scale projects, and presents a slide of a text by Bruno Zevi.

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