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Shin Takamatsu (September 27, 1989)01:33:47

Michael Rotondi introduces Shin Takmatsu. Takamatsu graduated with a doctorate in architecture from Kyoto University in 1980, and lectures at various schools in Japan, Paris and London. Takamatsu’s work is evocative and sensually supercharged, a distinctively Japanese synthesis of disparate influences.

Shin Takamatsu jokes that the only Japanese architects who don’t speak English are Tadao Ando and himself. A female translator provides English versions of Japanese remarks. He warns that he will present many slides of his work, “machine gun style. Takamatsu reviews several office, residential, and religious projects. He maintains that he is inspired and incorporates elements of traditional Japanese architecture, yet arrives at designs that are far more dynamic and expressive using modern materials. His Pharaoh House in particular, located in the corner of a busy intersection employs novel forms to create a fortress facade, while allowing light to penetrate to the interior.

Takamatsu presents several office and commercial buildings. Many designs, such as the Kirin Plaza in Osaka, incorporate intricate details. They also express the influence of modern technology and materials.

Takamatsu presents three videos that use moving images, music and computer graphics to convey the spirit of three projects: the Kirin Plaza in Osaka, the Earthtecture Sub-1 underground commercial building in Tokyo, and the Octagon tower proposed for the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

After the videos, Takamatsu responds to questions from the audience.

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