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Kazuyo Sejima (March 10, 1999)01:00:28

Gary Paige introduces Sejima’s lecture as part of the series “Differentiated Topographies.” The works to be shown include competitions and recent works, both japanese and international. Sejima is described as an investigator of materiality, immateriality, and lightness.

With Birgitta Wohl providing English translation, Kazuyo Sejima presents a proposal for a multimedia center in Gifu, Japan. She explains the primary intention to maintain a connection between interior and exterior. The connection of the roof with the landscape is stressed. Finally, Sejima explains how any artist can make his or her own space in any part the building.

Sejima presents a small museum in a village, one of her recently completed works. She explains that the museum exhibits the work of Japanese painters, and the transmission of natural light must be restricted. She notes that the building changes according to the season, time of day and weather conditions through the utilization of various glazing. Sejima presents another early project, the S House.

Sejima presents a project for apartment housing in Gifu, Japan. The primary concern was to make the volume of the housing block as thin as possible. She explains that the project entailed a thoughtful consideration of public and private zones. Each dwelling has a private terrace space, and the complex creates a hierarchy of public and private circulation routes. A brief documentation of a small, outdoor cafe is included.

Sejima presents her office’s entry for a competition for the IIT student center. The first consideration was to create connections between academic and residential areas. Next, Sejima addresses the division of the large site into discreet spaces. She then discusses how to approach an existing rail line that cuts through the site.

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