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Tadao Ando (February 5, 1986) Part 1 of 301:01:04

Tadao Ando is introduced by Michael Rotondi.

George Kunihiro provides live translation.

Ando criticizes the modern movement for not thinking of the user, and the postmodernist movement for its superficiality. He characterizes his goal as reintroducing expression into modernist architecture, taking into account regional context, and a connection with nature.

Ando describes a number of his early houses. They are all small, and contain courtyards to bring in light and a connection with nature. Ando is interested in how light creates shadows in these simple dwellings, and how it can be a signal of human activity at night.

Ando describes a housing complex on Mt. Rokko. Building on a hillside is challenging, but it enabled all the dwellings to have a great view. He also created public spaces in the middle of the complex. It was such a success that Phase II, and phase III were designed and built.

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