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Enric Miralles (March 1, 1989)01:34:55

Alberto Bertoli introduces Enric Miralles, who discusses his most recent projects, some completed and some under construction.

Miralles presents the winning competition entry for the Igualada Cemetery project. He discusses how the project deals with integrating land and building, and how the connection between nature and landscaping forced the building to be slightly abstract in its shape and composition. Miralles goes on to discuss the importance of symbols in a project like a cemetery and concerns of creating paths which would not only be transitory or dead ends but would form spaces.

Miralles discusses several projects, including a project for the enlargement of a town hall in Barcelona and some smaller residential projects. Miralles discusses the importance of working in drawings in his practice, where model-making is only for final product presentations for clients.

Miralles presents a series of projects that deal with the restoration and refurbishment of existing buildings, opening spaces, cutting and fragmenting the existing structures to allow new relationships of form and light.

Miralles presents the wining competition entry project for a pedestrian bridge in Lerida, Spain. Miralles discusses how this project aimed to connect the old and the new part of the town with a promenade. He goes on to describe how a cross structure with a split was developed to create an additional public space in the center of the river as an extension of the old town’s streets.

Miralles presents the projects for two buildings which generated from existing building restorations, the Llauna School in Badalona and the Boarding School in Morella. Miralles discusses his interest in bringing the qualities of outside space into the inside, though light and movement through the space. He goes on to stress the importance of simultaneity in his work, where he aims to represent movement and different points of view in buildings through the composition of architectural elements and volumes.

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