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RUCAPS Really Universal Computer Aided Production System (December 5, 1985)01:55:05

SCI-Arc computer services manager Jerry Wilhelm moderates a panel discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of CAD systems, reviewing the objections most architects have against computers. They also discuss the gap from designing to modeling while working with RUCAPS.

The RUCAPS developer discusses the difference between traditional computer drafting and software modeling. He emphasizes that in RUCAPS all the information is coordinated, and if an element is changed in plan view, it will also be modified in elevation view. He also stresses that RUCAPS has the capacity not only to represent plans, but also allows geometric model design. RUCAPS also can structure the project in components, layers, and is able to create section cuts of the project. He shows examples of all of these processes done with the software.

The RUCAPS developer explains new features of RUCAPS including parametric objects. He presents a video, “The Esquisse,” done with RUCAPS 3D visualizations by architect Jeffrey Findlay. He points out that such videos are an excellent way to show projects to clients.

The panelists discuss facility management software, and the advantages of creating a database for architectural projects. They also discuss artificial intelligence and its possible integration in architectural design. They conclude with a discussion of the importance of using software and computers in architecture education, and the cost of the RUCAPS system.

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