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Mario Campi (October 3, 1984)01:44:56

Shelly Kappe introduces Mario Campi.

Campi describes himself, his work, and his thoughts regarding contemporary architectural discourse. Campi shows the work he describes as “more himself” in its ability to interact with the environment. Campi also outlines his usage of adjacency, site planning, material, and garden space to create harmony.

Campi describes some of his public work, including schools and museums, as illustrations of his design methods. He uses site conditions to inform design and orientation, creating a dialectic between past and present conditions. Campi discusses in depth a visitor center and museum he devised for an ancient castle, pointing out specific moments of interaction between history and the present.

Campi strives in his projects to introduce new forms inside an existing formal language. Moreover, in the castle renovation, Campi attempted to conserve and preserve the castle through the design of the new museum. Campi describes his views on tower structures and the tower typology.

Campi describes a bank project in which he tries to incorporate a larger urban area while portraying a message of stability. Campi outlines a gymnasium project which employed the same contextual strategy.

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