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Eric Owen Moss: Armageddon, or Polynesian Contextualism (December 5, 1979) Part 1 of 201:01:55

In a lecture titled "Armageddon Or Polynesian Contextualism Versus I Like Hardware Stores," Eric Owen Moss discusses his design theories then reviews their application through a selection of recently completed work.

The video begins with Thom Mayne finishing his introduction. Eric Moss talks about several projects completed in the past few years by first arguing that, contrary to the collective movements like Constructivism, man functions, nowadays, as an individual, who seeks to make sense of things and define order through personal biases. Moss cites Melnikov, Isozaki, and Stirling on signs and language conveyed by intent and ambition.

Moss describes the Triplex Apartments in Playa del Rey, and the Morganstern Warehouse retail and warehouse spaces in downtown L.A. as ways of attempting to find limits on an ordinary environment. Moss describes the two in depth, analyzing context, ornament function, and materials. He also uses metaphors proposed by the clients as a take off point for the designs.

Moss describes more projects that relate to his personal design methodologies: a guest home in Malibu, and a five-unit condominium building in Pasadena. Specifically he refers to the dualities of elements residing in the designs, such as, symmetry/asymmetry, inside/outside, part/whole relationships, and individual thought/collective reasoning. He also discusses a house on PCH.

The video ends just as Moss begins discussing the Pin Ball House.

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