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Yung Ho Chang (October 28, 2009)52:54

Yung Ho Chang explains there are two types of projects; The Projects which are iconic buildings and the Other Projects which are small and local. He shows examples of both types including The Projects such as a house made of laminated wood and rammed earth, and a software building designed as a “living environment.” For Other projects, Chang talks about a transparent structural unit with bamboo veneer for the Venice Biennale, and an art project for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London using plastic paving blocks. Chang considers plastic forms as a “major, major building material” for the future. He talks about a folding privacy screen traditionally made with a wood frame and rice paper which he has redesigned with Formica to replace both wood and rice paper. Chang shows his design for the upcoming Shanghai Corporate Pavilion for the Shanghai World Expo. He cites the Centre Pompidou as the source of inspiration for the design. He describes the functions of the building for the World Expo as “performing architecture.”

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