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Erik Vertainen: On Alvar Aalto (November 25, 1981)01:47:56

Erik Vertainen, the project architect for Alvar Aalto’s 1970 Mount Angel Abbey Library in Oregon, describes Aalto's office. Vertainen surveys each phase of Aalto’s architectural development from early neoclassical work, through more colorful, modulated forms, to prismatic forms. Vertainen stresses the influence of the Finnish landscape and climate, and Aalto’s humanistic approach, which considered “the eye and the ear.” Vertainen discusses numerous Aalto projects from the 1930s through the 1970s, including the Paimio Sanatorium (1932), the Villa Mairea (1939), and Aalto’s Town Center for Seinajoki (1959-1967). Vertainen considers the Town Center “one of Aalto’s great masterpieces.”

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