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Thomas Hartman: Immersive environments (October 3, 1997)35:34

Exhibition designer Thomas Hartman of IQ Magic discusses the interaction of architectural space and media in an educational project for the California state archives. He describes creating levels of interactivity while moving through a museum, so that vistors learn by immersion in the context. He raises the question of authenticity versus reproduction. He proposes the creation of environments that not only guide people through the space, but also provide a sense of discovery. Hartman discusses the importance of language systems and iconography in order to communicate across cultural lines. Acknowledging that everybody has different perceptions of Los Angeles, Thomas Hartman wonders if it’s possible to create a space that would be meaningful to a broad range of Angelenos, and provide an accurate window into the reality of the city. Large public buildings, such as sports arenas, might provide an opportunity to create this kind of experience, through layers of information.

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