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Friends of Friends, with Joe Day, An Te Liu, Bettina Korek (November 9, 2009)49:53

As part of his Fall 2009 installation Blow X Blow in the SCI-Arc Gallery, Joe Day hosts a discussion between Bettina Korek and An Te Liu, discussing his video Pook X Pookie. Liu characterizes aspects of his and Day's work that relate to their graduate program work at SCI-Arc, including film, panopticons, the work of Roberto Matta and Gordon Matta-Clark, Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow-Up. They discuss Liu's Cloud, other works involving air purifiers, the Pattern Language wallpapers and his public art project Title Deed. Liu describes his work as a cat video involving a cat romping in a scale model of Joe Day's installation, structured according to the end of Blow-Up. Liu, Day and Korek respond to audience comments on entertainment, spectacle, museums and prisons.

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