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Winka Dubbeldam: New solids (October 10, 2018)01:02:00

Hernan Diaz Alonso introduces Winka Dubbeldam, Chair of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, and principal of Archi-Tectonics.

Dubbeldam proposes to discuss her work in terms of solids: not light, minimal, and thin, but full-bodied, soft, glowing and transformative. She categorizes projects in terms of a typology of solids:

•Integral solid: the Gipsy Trail House, also represented in an interactive holographic exhibition at the Taylor Gallery
•Soft solid: Siki Im pavilion for the Arnhem Fashion Biennale
•Surface solid: Ports 1961 flagship store, Shanghai
•Double solid: Soho Tower proposal
•Triple solid: 512 GW Townhouse, West Soho, NYC
•Solid/anomaly: the Blaak Tower, Rotterdam
•Ethereal solid: the Inscape meditation center pre-fab prototype
•More solids: the Grand Canal Asian Games Park, Hangzhou, featuring an indoor table tennis stadium, outdoor field hockey stadium, mall and park

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