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Ma Yansong : Recent MAD works (April 10, 2023)01:02:06

After Elena Manferdini’s introduction, Ma Yansong discusses his original vision of architecture “as a way to express your understanding of the world”. He discusses a number of projects, including …
•Mirage, renovation of Montparnasse Tower, Paris
•Tunnel of light, Tokamachi, Japan
•Wormhole library, Haikou, Hainan Province
•Sports park, Quzhou, China
•Chaoyang Park Plaza, Beijing
•Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center
•Harbin opera house
•Jiaxing train station
•YueCheng courtyard kindergarten, Beijing
•Kindergarten, Okazaki, Japan
•Gardenhouse residential complex, Beverly Hills
•UNIC residential tower, Paris
•One River North apartment tower, Denver
•FENIX Museum of Migration, Rotterdam
•Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Los Angeles
•Shenzhen Bay Culture Park

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