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Silvio Pietro Angori: Pininfarina: art, culture, design (October 16, 2018)45:21

Elena Manferdini introduces Silvio Pietro Angori of Pininfarina, reminding the audience that Pininfarina’s work ranges “from the spoon to the city”, including architecture, engineering, industrial and interior design, in addition to their iconic transportation and automotive design.

Silvio Pietro Angori begins with a video ( about Pininfarina and proposes to discuss the design world from the company’s standpoint. He argues that design is function, but linked in essence to beauty. A product can meet all the technical and economic requirements, and also be designed and engineered, embodying elegance, purity and innovation. He stresses that design has the power to make the world a better place, and is influencing everyday life more and more.

Angori proposes that Pininfarina’s work is reflection of the unique Italian cultural environment, and traditions not solely in art, but engineering.

Angori discusses several of Pininfarina’s projects, including:
•The Eurostar E320 high speed train (2014)
•The Cyrela residential tower, São Paolo (2014),
•The new airport tower, Istanbul (2015)
•The Ottantacinque mega-yacht (2015)
•Juventus stadium, Turin (2011)
•The CEM-200 Marlow Self-Serve Espresso Bar (2010)

Angori concludes with two videos:
•A Cisco products video ( that presents Pininfarina design ethos.
•A video ( for the HK GT concept car (2018), produced in collaboration with the Hybrid Kinetic Group.

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