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Roger Riewe (April 4, 2001)01:32:18

After being introduced by Eric Kahn, Roger Riewe presents a selection of projects meant to demonstrate a line of thought connecting Riegler Riewe Architekten’s diverse body of work.

He discusses a football stadium that was completed in about three weeks by a large team of planners, civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, landscape architects and other consultants. He presents designs for a luxury hotel in Switzerland, two railway stations, two social housing projects, and two large university projects.

Riewe characterizes the firm’s central interest in all these projects is the confrontation and interrelation of social and cultural forces with architecture and urban planning. He discusses a public housing project in Graz, Austria where the facades on the East and West sides are different due to climatic conditions. In a project for the Institute of Computer Technology in Graz, Riewe says they wanted to create opportunities for people to identify spaces as places, and also create surprise.

He discusses a project to create a public space for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. Riewe describes it as an opportunity to explore the contradictions of contemporary space: physically perceptible but saturated with media, timeless and emphemeral.

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