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Tatiana Bilbao : From private to commons (February 17, 2021)59:49

After Hernán Díaz Alonso’s introduction, Tatiana Bilbao presents images and audio of life in a monastery and life in a family home. She explains how working with the Cistercian monastery at Heiligkreuztal has revised her understanding of domestic space, specifically the importance of scale, silence, and ritual.

She argues that architects need to overcome the limiting binary opposition between public and private space, and relate spaces to the body. She stresses the goal of designing spaces for dwelling that don’t impose predetermined functions, or modes of habitation, i.e. the design of domestic bathrooms and kitchens.

Bilbao illustrates how these ideas inform her work through discussions of several projects, including modular affordable housing, the Solo House, Ways of Life, the botanical garden in Culiacán, and a park and aquarium on the Sea Of Cortes, Mazatlan.

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