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Alberto Kalach (February 14, 2018)01:14:56

Hernan Diaz Alonso introduces Alberto Kalach of Taller de Arquitectura X (TAX), stressing Kalach’s anger, in the sense of Aristotle’s sense of necessary fire and passion directed at appropriate targets at the appropriate time.

Alberto Kalach begins by discussing the geographic, topographic and climatic situation of Mexico City and its influence on architecture. He outlines an urban project that TAX has been working on for 25 years: restoring a part of Lake Texcoco, including a new airport for Mexico City, and revitalization of neighboring communities.

Kalach describes in detail several recent projects, including:
•The Library of Mexico José Vasconcelos (2004-2014)
•The Reforma 27 apartment tower (2010)
•The Tower 41 on a small site next to Chapultepec Park (2014)
•The Kurimanzutto art gallery (2008)
•The Hacienda Tzalancab, Mérida, Yucatán (2011)
•A Single-family housing project, Hermosillo (2016)
•The renovation of Cárcamo de Chapultepec a “Neo-Toltec” pavilion and fountain designed by Diego Rivera to be seen from above (2010)
•A house in Nanjing (2005)
•La Platanera house renovation (2014)
•Hotel Escondido, a series of small wood guest houses on the beach at Punta Pájaro, Oaxaca (2015- )
•The column and slab Zicatela house, Puerto Escondido (2018)

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