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Peter Cook: Metamorphose: Actions speak louder than words (November 5, 1997)01:30:32

Neil Denari introduces Peter Cook, who explains that his lecture will revolve around twelve words that highlight his ideas about design.

For Stacking/Packing and Perambulation he offers a range of projects that employ his concept of packing, while the second is illustrated by projects that began as narratives in which users are encouraged to wander.

Cook describes Mulching as an amalgamation of architectural devices that form a sense of cohesion between apparently disparate elements. He then used several projects to describe Slither as being a type of unity between elements that slide and move as the observer wonders around the site.

To illustrate Peeking, Cook discusses his love of hiding and creating views that only reveal a small portion of the projects overall form. Decoying refers to fooling the observer into seeking different associations with design elements then the ones provided by the architect.

Cook stresses three words that describe his design mentality; Metamorphose, Vegetate, and Giggle. These verbs, he explains, are the most important points of his lecture because they illustrate the importance of change and pleasure in design. Cook illustrates these points with an array of projects completed by him and others.

Cook discusses Folding, Robotise, and Layering/Meshing. He presents several projects to illustrate these concepts, including several from Archigram, and specifically by Ron Herron.

At the end of the lecture, Cook talks about the other schools he is associated with, and the importance of showing and seeing student work from other schools.

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