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Greg Walsh: Backgrounds for art: creating coherent context (November 7, 2008)01:07:25

Chris Genik introduces Greg Walsh.

Walsh reviews his background, personal ideology and passion for curating exhibitions. He characterizes himself as being geared toward merchandising and product shows. Walsh describes light and flexibility as the two primary considerations when designing an exhibition.

Walsh talks about his experience designing gallery installations with Frank O. Gehry. He discusses their tendency use the subject or the work to inspire the conceptual framework for the exhibition. Walsh reviews several exhibitions designed with Gehry and on his own.

He argues that the content can suggest appropriate exhibition plans. Walsh discusses gallery scales and gallery adjacencies as means of moving the viewer through the space.

Walsh discusses his work on LACMA’s 2009 “Art of Two Germanys” exhibition. The work cued ideas about circulation, scale, and light. His design contrasted the histories of West and East Germany to establish a tension that frames the art. Walsh advises would-be exhibit designers to maintain flexibility, devise an overall umbrella, and be realistic about what can and cannot be achieved in the given space. He ends with a few words about the relationship between the curator and the architect.

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