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BLM Week of Action : 5. Unapologetically Black Fridays@Five (February 5, 2021, 5:00)02:24:42

Student hosts Babatunde-Majadi Adejare and Allyn Viault introduce Kordae Jatafa Henry and Ashten Wanger (aka Whoopi).

At 5:31, Whoopi discusses his evolution from stage and lighting design, and video and visual effects for music festivals, the app “Drizzy Tearz”, video and videogame designer for Glass Animals, and Niska. He’s currently working on a community-based mobile version of his Whoop the Arcade game machines. At 34:36, Whoopie responds to questions from Allyn Viault.

At 44:49, Kordae Jatafa Henry discusses his 2018 film “Earth Mother, Sky Father” in terms of mythology, history, the body and technology. He describes his goal of imagining “a world where minerals are valued differently, where technology and the body are not seen as separate entities, but they create a third entity.” He describes both the software tools he employed, and also his design inspirations. He concludes with a clip of a new project employing game engines for storytelling

At 1:11:52, the panelists respond to questions and comments from the hosts and online participants.

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