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Ray Kappe at MOCA (March 29, 1999)01:29:47

This event did not take place at SCI-Arc, but MOCA, Los Angeles.

Ann Videriksen thanks everyone who supported the “9 in 99” lecture series at MOCA, and welcomes Ray Kappe as the first guest speaker, identifying him a national treasure.

Ray Kappe begins by giving credit to Bernard Zimmerman for his influence and leadership and the City of L.A. planning director Calvin Hamilton for his open minded approach to planning. He discusses his early ideas regarding transportation in Los Angeles.

Kappe discusses the future of downtown Los Angeles. He discusses the Metro system and his proposal for a people mover system. He reflects on the development of the Staples Center and proposes various possibilities for the different districts such as South Park and Grand Ave.

Kappe takes questions from the audience. Topics include issues of loft development, political influences, the Community Redevelopment Agency, and densification.

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