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The Next L.A.: Concluding discussion (February 11, 1994) Part 11 of 1146:49

This video documents the National AIA Regional Urban Design Conference “Restructuring Urbanisms: the Next L.A.,” held February 10-13, 1994, at Shutters Hotel, Santa Monica.

The panelists including Brian Doughtey, Doug Suisman, John Kaliski debate the problems of public rail, while pushing for community investment and ownership. While exploring the idea of community based planning, they discuss the ways urban problems get recognized by the public. John Kaliski discusses the social ideals of modernism and how those failed policies shape the current thought regarding urban planning. The panelists reject the characterization of their ideas as failed modernist dogmas. The panelists invite comments from the audience. Various sympoisum attendees praise the good organization and emphasis on practical, first-hand experiences that can be translated into their own urban situations. They stress urban planning has to be a "bottom-up," if the real impact is to be aligned with the intentions.

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