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Make It New Downtown Symposium (September 16, 2002)01:30:42

Eric Owen Moss introduces panelists Tom Gilmore, Con Howe, Jonathan Kelves, Jan Perry, and Dan Rosenfeld as people who will shape the future of Los Angeles. The group begins talking about the idea of memory and the effect the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks will have on the future direction of architecture, and what might happen at the Lower Manhattan site. The panelists discuss Los Angeles and the culture that defines the city. Moss describes SCI-Arc’s decision to move downtown, as an opportunity to get more deeply involved in the community. The panelists contrast “revitalization” as it is understood by architects and as it is understood by communities. The group talks about the availability of open, “fill-in” space in downtown Los Angeles, and the importance of a reliable public transit system. e panelists debate Los Angeles’s lack of center. They speculate about the effect of well established mass transportation and the boundaries of downtown Los Angeles. They conclude with a discussion of the experimental work of SCI-Arc students, stressing the importance in continuing a passionate pursuit of the art.

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