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SCIFI Symposium: A New Infrastructure: Competition announcement (February 9, 2009)37:18

The coordinators of SCI-Arc's Future Initiatives program outline the aspects, rules, and awards of the A New Infrastructure competition which aims to explore how new infrastructural implications can spur innovative forms of urban planning. After walking through the formalities, Peter Zellner and David Bergman answer questions about the contest.

Subclips: (0:00:00-0:18:49) Peter Zellner walks through the Future Initiatives competition A New Infrastructure. Zellner goes through the aims, goals, and expectations of the contest while discussing Los Angeles's Measure R and its implications on the future of urban planning.

(0:18:47-0:37:16) Peter Zellner and David Bergman continue to outline the specifics of the SCI-FI's proposed competition. After they finish, they field questions about the realities and guidelines of the contest.

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