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Steven Holl (November 18, 1987)52:12

After an introduction by Thom Mayne, Steven Holl reads selections from a text he has been writing for the last year, organized in four sections:
• Space and parallax projection
• Correlational charts
• Semi-automatic programming
• Matter and tactility

Holl describes his proposal for a subway station in the Porta Vittoria district of Milan. Holl discusses the particulars of Milan, its concentric rings and dispersive density, and its pattern of city walls and canals both existing and historical. His interest in programming yields unique uses such as a hotel for unhappy lovers, a lake with residences for retired mariners and a design school where instructors are housed above the studio space and compelled to work with students at all hours of the night.

Holl responds to comments from the audience, many about the text he read. He discusses his move from perspectival to planometric views.

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