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Craig Hodgetts & Hsinming Fung (November 19, 1997)01:57:08

Craig Hodgetts and Hsinming Fung begin by describing how they use specific goals to structure their collaboration. They show some early work and describe their influences and how digital rendering allowed them to explore assemblages without having to construct them. The discuss ephemerality, and how their work reflects a sense of momentariness.

The show projects in which spaces are framed by architecture, and discuss different layers present in their work, especially to engage people and create an emotional reaction. They describe certain construction techniques that link several of the projects together.

Hodgetts and Fung discuss the importance of pride and craftsmanship in their work. They also stress the need to remain playful and how their works tries to contain an air of whimsy to retain a certain lightness. They discuss technical and aesthetic aspects of their more recent work.

They discuss their renovation of the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. They tried to capture the cinematic spectacle of Hollywood, while also incorporating contextual and political issues. Instead of creating an entirely new building, they devised a strategy that blended old with new.

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