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Nigel Coates (October 20, 1993)02:03:10

Introduced by Michael Rotondi, Nigel Coates presents a selection of his work beginning with a description of London. His Café Bongo project reveals his methodology of crashing opposed ideas into each other. In discussing an exhibit for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London he emphasizes the importance of the Situationist dérive and psychogeography in his work. Using projects such as Ecstacity, Noah’s Ark, and restaurants for Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport as examples, he explains the significance of function, place, and sign in his process. Coates also discusses his furniture, retail stores for Jigsaw, a hotel in Hokkaido, Japan, the club Taksim in Istanbul, a revitalization scheme for Croydon in London, a gallery for the Geffrye Museum, The Wall in Tokyo, and the Penrose Institute of Contemporary Art.

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