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Giuseppe Lignano & Ada Tolla of LOT-EK (October 1, 2003)01:27:00

Ming Fung describes Lignano and Tolla as urban scavengers, appropriating industrial objects that the rest of us treat as noise as powerful resources.

Lignano and Tolla of LOT-EK describe a number of their projects. Most projects are based on container modules, to either house the occupants or divide an internal space. Other projects are more focused on lighting and dividing solutions, and all projects are heavily infused with media devices.

Lignano and Tolla discuss projects dealing with a variety or re-purposed elements, such as an airplane fuselage, and an oil cistern. Media and communication technologies permeate the projects.

Lignano and Tolla answer questions about their firm. They describe their use of industrial objects as a desire to employ elements that have a lot of built-in intelligence. They are more interested in creating and articulating tension of the objects and materials in their projects than producing clean slick designs.

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