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Wolf Prix: What’s the difference #1 (September 19, 2011)58:35

Eric Owen Moss introduces Wolf Prix, presenting various Wolves that together make up his personality. Prix discusses his interest in architecture as society rather than surface and form. He reccomends resistance to tools and technologies that push too narrowly in one direction. He argues that virtual public spaces without a physical component are not truly public. Prix presents a series of quotes, thoughts and ideas on complexity, problem solving, and rule-breaking.

Prix presents several projects, describing the importance of finding new solutions without being distracted by the notion of a perfect solution. He explains his back and forth, analog and digital methodology. He argues that imperfections and chance occurrences can generate emotional content. He discusses client relationships in terms of the balance of what they want and what he hopes to achieve. He stresses the importance of fighting for projects, arguing that radical architecture is not just in the idea itself but in the building.

Prix concludes with several projects of drastically differing scales. He addresses the integration of monumentality and dynamism. In principle he defends working in autocratic political contexts today as analogous to working for the Catholic Church in the past, but personally refuses to work on projects that conform to autocratic ideals. Prix discusses materials and fabrication, showing examples
of ship building technologies combined with forms made from hand bent reeds.

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