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John Johansen (January 30, 1985) Part 1 of 201:05:47

After being introduced by Shelly Kappe, John Johansen argues that the way out of the chaotic pluralism of postmodernism is renewed commitment to architecture as a service art, with special emphasis on three aspects: the technological, organic and psycho-social.

He argues that technology should not be viewed in opposition to nature or humanity, citing Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s view that technology extends the understanding of nature. He notes how architects of Team 10 replaced modernist architecture’s machine analogies with analogies from biology – “root,” “branch,” “node,” “tissue” – and Peter Broberg’s notion of urban regions “as members of a new, bio-tech species.” Johansen argues that the psycho-social aspect of architecture concerns mythology and ritual, and viewing buildings as primarily theaters. He distinguishes nostalgic postmodern symbolism from genuine symbols – cave, house, forest, tower, bridge – which communicate across cultures.

At 47:37 Johansen begins showing slides that illustrate his arguments. He emphasizes buildings by other architects, but includes a few of his own projects, including the Miami Beach Resort Hotel (1985).

The video ends abruptly at 01:02:34 and continues with Part 2 of 2 (

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