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Graduation 2023 (September 10, 2023)01:25:25

Hernán Díaz Alonso welcomes everyone and acknowledges the work and support that led to this moment.

At 6:13, Mónica Ponce de León presents the commencement address. She ends with a “call to action” for the graduates: “Your expertise is urgently needed. Your ideas are urgently needed. Your ability to imagine alternatives to the status quo is urgently needed. Build your bold ideas and make them a material reality. Nothing is more important today.”

At 18:08, Babatunde-Majadi Adejare presents the student address, acknowledging “the blood, sweat and tears it took to make our ideas come to realization.” Adding, “To get to this moment is incredible. … As a student I want to invite you all to take a moment and say, ‘We made it! We did it!’”.

At 25:07, John Enright presents four awards:
•SCI-Arc Service Award: Babatunde-Majadi Adejare (B.Arch), Angelina Castagnola (M.Arch 1), Jack London Freedman (M.Arch 2)
•Bronze Alpha Rho Chi Medal: Matthew Ross Hunt (M.Arch 1)
•AIA Medal for Academic Excellence: Kevin James Foley (B.Arch), Maxsolace Chidindu Enwere (M.Arch 1)
•SCI-Arc Thesis Peer Recognition Awards: Adam Edward Rafeedie (B.Arch), Pan Tan (M.Arch 1)

At 31:49, Kristy Balliet & Marcelyn Gow present diplomas to B.Arch students, noting Graduation with Distinction status for Nadia Larissa Calderón, Kevin James Foley, Jennifer Frangieh, Zhuohao Guo, Eliot Victor Sauquet, Eric Gordon Swanson

At 40:10, Elena Manferdini & David Ruy present diplomas to M.Arch 1 students, noting Graduation with Distinction status for Edwin MacKenzie Masson Champlin, Maxsolace Chidindu Enwere, Matthew Ross Hunt, Pan Tan

At 47:33, Manferdini & Ruy present diplomas to M.Arch 2 students, noting Graduation with Distinction status for Kristoff Sebastian Fink, Jack London Freedman, Felix Alexander Reyes, Fang Shu, Kyle Jacob Zufra

At 56:30, Manferdini & Ruy present diplomas to Postgraduate students, noting Graduation with Distinction status for students in the five programs:
•M.S. Architectural Technologies: Yu-Ting Chang, Yewoinhareg Tesfa Geberemariam, Jonathan P. Penvose
•M.S. Design of Cities: Sereyvathana Heng
•M.S. Design Theory and Pedagogy: Daniel A. Mabie
•M.S. Fiction and Entertainment: Chinnapat Asavabenya, Hyunoh Chang, Blaze Gonzalez, Sakaokaew Jindawitchu, Saumil Upadhyay, Thomas Stanley White
•M.S. Synthetic Landscapes: Justin Doro, Alena Saveleva

At 1:05:46, Hernán Díaz Alonso presents six awards for outstanding thesis project:
•Merit Undergraduate Thesis Awards: Nadia Larissa Calderón + Eliot Victor Sauquet, Iok U Chan + Ethan Keen Wai Tham, Timothy Jin Choi + Kevin James Foley, Siyu Shelley Luo + Wenhao Huang, Eric Gordon Swanson
•Merit Graduate Thesis Awards – M.Arch 1: Edwin MacKenzie Masson Champlin, Jingbo Huang, Matthew Ross Hunt, Matthew Pak, Pan Tan
•Merit Graduate Thesis Awards – M.Arch 2: Jenny Cook + Hanna Park, Kristoff Sebastian Fink + Felix Alexander Reyes, Jack London Freedman, Arthur Thomas Modine, Yiyu Zhou
•Hsinming Fung + Craig Hodgetts Postgraduate Thesis Prize: Jonathan P. Penvose (M.S. Architectural Technologies), Chinnapat Asavabenya + Sakaokaew Jindawitchu (M.S. Fiction and Entertainment), Alena Saveleva (M.S. Synthetic Landscapes)
•Blythe and Thom Mayne Undergraduate Thesis Prize: Peter Andres Rosa (B.Arch)
•SCI-Arc Gehry Prize: Charite Carballo (M.Arch 1), Man Shu (M.Arch 2)

At 1:20:45, Díaz Alonso closes the event with thanks to the speakers, staff, volunteers, faculty, administrators and coordinators. Concluding, “We really hope your time at SCI-Arc was a great time. But we also truly hope that this was not the best time of your life. … If SCI-Arc was the beginning of something much better, we did our job right.”

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