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Graduation 2017 (September 10, 2017)01:26:48

After a welcome by Hernan Diaz Alonso, Marion Weiss urges graduates to continue and expand their involvement “in experiments in philosophy and fabrication, computation and choreography of space, urban strategies with the elusive algorithims that can inform them more deeply, and other forces that inform our understanding of urban form and art.” Within a context of environmental and political challenges, recommends they think systemically and creatively, broadly and precisely, to “design a future that’s more insightful, more beautiful, more just and more inspiring.”

Deborah Garcia presents the student address.

John Enright presents the SCI-Arc Service Award to Deborah Garcia (B. Arch), Sasha Tillmann (M.Arch 1), and James Kubiniec (M.Arch 2). The Alpha Rho Chi Medal to Connor Gravelle (B. Arch), Kevin Finch (M.Arch 1), and Keith Marks (M.Arch 2). The Henry Adams Certificate to Joel Wong (B. Arch) and Connor Covey (M.Arch 1), and the Henry Adams Medal to Connor Gravelle (B. Arch) and Keith Marks (M.Arch 2).

Tom Wiscombe presents diplomas and graduation with distinction awards to B.Arch graduates. B.Arch graduation with distinction awards went to Connor Gravelle, Joel Wong, Kevin Ng, Johan Wijesinghe, and Deborah Garcia. To M.Arch 1 graduates: Covey, Connor, Kim, Namku, Tillmann, Sasha, Minassian, Veronik, and Aaron Choi.

Elena Manferdini presents diplomas and graduation with distinction awards to M.Arch1 and M.Arch 2 graduates. M.Arch 1 graduation with distinction awards went to Connor Covey, Namku Kim, Sasha Tillmann, Veronik Minassian, and Aaron Choi. M.Arch 2 awards went to Keith Marks, Wainer, Claudia, Pangal Kiran Nayak, Meenakshi, and Nithya Subramaniam.

David Ruy presents diplomas and graduation with distinction awards to Postgraduate program graduates. Postgraduate graduation with distinction awards went to Arsenios Zachariadis (M.S. Architectural Technologies), Daniel Horowitz (M.S. Architectural Technologies), Sanhita Vartak (M.S. Architectural Technologies), Timothy Wei (M.A. Fiction and Entertainment), Samuel Pierce Myers (M.A. Fiction and Entertainment), Yagmur Kaptan (M.S. Design of Cities), Garet Ammerman (M.S. Design Theory and Pedagogy), and Ryan Scavnicky (M.S. Design Theory and Pedagogy).

Hernan Diaz Alonso presents Merit awards. The Merit Graduate Thesis Awards, in recognition of outstanding graduate thesis projects were awarded to M.Arch 1 graduates Joanna Chao Hua Chen, Aaron Choi + Kaiho Yu, Jiali Li, and Feiran Wang. And also to M.Arch 2 graduates Siddardha Chalamala, Zeynep Cinar, Meenakshi Dravid, Zengxin Ge + Kai-Si Hsu, Brendan Ho, Pangal and Kiran Nayak.

The Merit Undergraduate Thesis Awards to HyunJi Kim, Amanda Rahayuningtyas & Joel Wong, Jack Oliva-Rendler, Deborah Garcia, and Adrian Wong.

Postgraduate Prize for the best postgraduate project of the year, reflecting SCI-Arc’s core mission to test the limits of architecture to Samuel Pierce Myers (M.A. Fiction and Entertainment)

The Blythe and Thom Mayne Undergraduate Thesis Prize to Connor Gravelle.

The SCI-Arc Gehry Prize for the best graduate thesis of the year to James Kubiniec and Keith Marks (both M.Arch 2).

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