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Graduation 2022 (September 11, 2022)01:52:14

Hernán Díaz Alonso welcomes everyone to SCI-Arc’s commencement for 2022.

At the 3:00 mark, Díaz Alonso presents an honorary degree to Shelly Kappe.

At 8:42, Pascale Sablan presents the commencement address, encouraging graduates to “be the bridge that ensures that diversity of thought, experiences, and individuals of both the design team and the community are represented and valued”. And exhorting them to “Ask all the questions!”

At 29.56, Michael Rotondi presents the alumni address.

At 49:50, Paige Davidson presents the student address.

At 56:43, John Enright presents four awards:

•SCI-Arc Service Award: Luz María Llano Patiño (B.Arch), Cole Kazuo Masuno (B.Arch), Christopher John Pennino (M.Arch 1), Camille Thai(M.Arch 2)
•Bronze Alpha Rho Chi Medal: Zane Alistair Mechem (B.Arch)
•AIA Medal for Academic Excellence: Tamara Birghoffer (B.Arch), Austin Jeffrey Lightle (M.Arch 2)
•SCI-Arc Peer Recognition Award: Heyifan Jin (B.Arch), Austin Jeffrey Lightle (M.Arch 2)

At 1:04:34, Darin Johnstone and William Virgil present diplomas to B.Arch students, noting Graduation with Distinction status for Tamara Birghoffer, Kendall Lockhart Mann, Zane Alistair Mechem, Mateus Vieira Comparato, and Ruina Zhu.

At 1:11:51, David Ruy and Elena Manferdini present diplomas for M.Arch 1 students, noting Graduation with Distinction status for Charles McLean Allen, Hang Mun Choi, and Paige Davidson.

At 1:17:23, Ruy and Manferdini present M.Arch 2 diplomas, noting Graduation with Distinction status for Jorge de Ovando Gonzalez, Qihang Fan, Yu Cheng Huang, Austin Jeffrey Lightle, and Chenjia Ren.

At 1:23:54, Ruy and Manferdini present Postgraduate diplomas, noting Graduation with Distinction status for students of the five programs:

•M.S. Architectural Technologies: Wei-Chun Cheng, Andrew Ly DePew, Astha Kapila, Yashwanth Munukoti, Yundi Zhang
•M.S. Design of Cities: Aunnop Kaewphanna, Lejia Li, Ricardo Rodriguez Huerta
•M.S. Design Theory and Pedagogy: Justin Ashley Doro, Richard Aaron Mapes, Jonathan Penvose, James Richard Piccone
•M.S. Fiction and Entertainment: Vidhi Bansal, Breanna Jade Browning, Santiago Ceballos, Al Hassan Elwan, Luis García Grech, Andrew Wade Keating, Richard Angelo Runfola, Dana Shaviv, Yuheng Zhu
•M.S. Synthetic Landscapes: Carlos Alberto Arias Garcia, Yutao Fang, Daniel A Mabie, Kazuki Masaki, Hans Karl Steffes

At 1:33:21, Hernán Díaz Alonso presents six awards for outstanding thesis project:

•Merit Undergraduate Thesis Awards: Sin Chuen Cheng + Peiyi Phoebe Yao, Pasinee Jiemcharoenying + Kevin Lee, Heyifan Jin, Mateus Vieira Comparato
•Merit Graduate Thesis Awards – M.Arch 1: Charles McLean Allen + John Chan, Biao Cao, Yujia Fang, Shuang Feng + Tianze Wu, Ziyin Gu + Xinyi Ma, Jiaxin Li
•Merit Graduate Thesis Awards – M.Arch 2: Kaitlyn Brooke Cartmell, Austin Jeffrey Lightle, Jordan David Micham, Camille Thai, Jure Zibret
•Hsinming Fung + Craig Hodgetts Postgraduate Thesis Prize: Wei-Chun Cheng (M.S. Architectural Technologies), Richard Aaron Mapes (M.S. Design Theory and Pedagogy)
•Blythe and Thom Mayne Undergraduate Thesis Prize: Tamara Birghoffer + Kendall Lockhart Mann, Nur Esin Karaosman, Zane Alistair Mechem, Lingjia Adam Wang + Yunbin Wang
•SCI-Arc Gehry Prize: Sophie Akoury (M.Arch 2), Si Ian Wong + Hang Mun Choi (M.Arch 1)

At 1:47:35, Díaz Alonso closes the event with a few remarks.

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