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Graduation 2021 (September 12, 2021)01:29:21

Hernán Díaz Alonso welcomes the in-person and remote graduates and guests, commenting on the challenges of the last year.

At 6:56, Alumnus Byron Merritt addresses the graduates as future leaders of reimagining the world.

At 26:03, B.Arch graduate Corie Shizuka Yaguchi affirms that the world needs designers now, and that making a difference is really possible.

At 34:23, John Enright announces the winners of
•The SCI-Arc Service Award: Corie Shizuka Yaguchi, Julia Mae McConnell, Kyle Ray Balster
•The Alpha Rho Chi Medal: James Richard Piccone
•The Henry Adams Medal: Jonathan L. Ong, Jessie Vivian Helgesen

At 38:59, Tom Wiscombe introduces a sequence of videos made by each of the graduating B.Arch students (at 44:03).
•B.Arch Graduation with Distinction: Yun Ki Cheung, Takin Daneshmir, Jonathan L. Ong, Malvin Bunata Wibowo, Corie Shizuka Yaguchi

At 49:11 Elena Manferdini introduces videos by the graduating students of M.Arch 1 (at 57:13) and M.Arch 2 (at 1:01:39) programs.
•M. Arch 1 Graduation with Distinction: Lauren Carmen Hanna, Jessie Vivian Helgesen , Julie Elizabeth Riley.
•M. Arch 2 Graduation with Distinction: Mohamed Faris Ahmed, Allison Leigh Hoagland, Peter John Kluzak, René Pérez Ignacio, James Richard Piccone, Jordan Paul Scheuermann

At 1:09:02, David Ruy introduces videos by the post-graduate programs (at 1:12:57). Graduation with Distinction in each program:
•M.S. Architectural Technologies: Evdoxia Besmerti, Sanghyun Suh
•M.S. Design of Cities: Ka Leung Wilson Chan, Lawrence Dean Servis
•M.S. Design Theory and Pedagogy: Xin Chen, Matthew Thomas Ridgeway, Carlo Sturken
•M.S. Fiction and Entertainment: Attilio Bonelli, Vivian Charlesworth, Saleh Jamsheer, Emma Anabel Koh, Pablo J. Lorenzana
•M.S. Synthetic Landscapes: Bonnie Amelia Lester, Emily C. S. Pellicano, Caleb Roberts

At, 1:16:21, Hernán Díaz Alonso announces the awards for thesis:
•For undergraduates: Grigori Khachatryan + Riya Vipul Patel (B.Arch), Neeve Salamat (B.Arch), Ali Berk Senbas (B.Arch), Jixing Pan + Di Wan + Rongyi Tang (B.Arch), Corie Shizuka Yaguchi (B.Arch)
•For graduates: Yixuan Cai (M.Arch 2), Yutao Fang (M.Arch 2), Sohail Gil (M.Arch 1), Nicholas Kenny Gochnour (M.Arch 1), Lauren Carmen Hanna (M.Arch 1), Jessie Vivian Helgesen (M.Arch 1), René Pérez Ignacio (M.Arch 2), Carnation Kng Ni Xin (M.Arch 2), Alexandros Lewis (M.Arch 2), Di Liang (M.Arch 2), Julia Mae McConnell (M.Arch 1), Hans Karl Steffes (M.Arch 2)
•The Hsinming Fung & Craig Hodgetts Postgraduate Prize: Vivian Charlesworth (M.S. Fiction and Entertainment))
•The Blythe & Thom Mayne undergraduate thesis prize: Takin Daneshmir + Yizhan Zhong (B.Arch); Santiago Álvarez Santibáñez + Malvin Bunata Wibowo (B.Arch)
•The Frank & Berta Gehry graduate thesis prize: Burak Celik (M.Arch 2) and Julie Elizabeth Riley (M.Arch 1)

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