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Graduation 2018 (September 9, 2018)01:38:17

After a welcome by Hernan Diaz Alonso, Ambassador Nina Hachigian, Deputy Mayor for the City of Los Angeles Office of International Affairs, challenges graduates “to contribute, in your unique way, to restoring dignity, bringing hope, and healing our divisions. We need your brains, we need your hearts, and we need your guts.”

Abagael Warners presents the student address.

John Enright presents several awards:
•The SCI-Arc Service awards to Andreina Pepe (B. Arch), Ashley Hastings (M.Arch 1), and Ross Fernandes (M.Arch 2).
•The Alpha Rho Chi Medal to Karim Saleh (B. Arch) and Andrea Cadioli (M.Arch 2).
•The Henry Adams Certificate to Luciano Menghini (B. Arch) and Jackson Lukas (M.Arch 1).
•The Henry Adams Medal to Alexis Rosenthal (B. Arch), Abagael Warnars (M.Arch 1) and Ross Fernandes (M.Arch 2).

Elena Manferdini and Tom Wiscombe present diplomas for the B.Arch program, with Graduation with Distinction certificates for Alexis Rosenthal, Luciano Menghini, Isabela De Sousa, Andrea Sanchez, and Cristina Macia Briedis.

Elena Manferdini describes the Thesis Weekend and thanks Florencia Pita, jurors, and students.

Tom Wiscombe and Elena Manferdini present diplomas for the M.Arch 1 program, with Graduation with Distinction awards for Abagael Warnars, Jackson Lukas, Amanda Dellevigne, and Alessio Grancini.

David Ruy and Elena Manferdini present diplomas for the M.Arch 2 program, with Graduation with Distinction awards for Ross Fernandes, Jose Garcia, Andrea Cadioli and Runze "Paul" Zhang.

Elena Manferdini and David Ruy presents diplomas to Edge postgraduate program students, with Graduation with Distinction awards for Fiction and Entertainment graduates Kordae Henry, Mohammad Soleimanifeijani and Viviane El Kmati; Architectural Technologies graduates Marcos Dana, Maxime Lefebvre and Hseng Tai Linter; Design Theory and Pedagogy graduates Yara Feghali, Daniel Horowitz, Dylan Krueger and Daniel Wills;

Pat Daly from Woods Bagot introduces the new Woods Bagot Graduation Prize, awarded to Luciano Menghini (B.Arch), Mikiko Tagasago (M.Arch 1) and Jose Garcia (M.Arch 2).

Diaz Alonso presents the Merit Thesis Awards to
•M. Arch 1 graduates Frank Y.T. Chen, Spencer Daly, Yan Leng, Nicole Yi Li, Jackson Lukas, and Abagael Warnars.
•M. Arch 2 graduates Andrea Cadioli, Jose Carlos Garcia, Eleonora Orlandi and Yujue Wang + Ziwei Wang.
•B.Arch undergraduates to Rishab Jain, Brandon Lim, Luciano Menghini, Andreina Pepe + Andrea Sanchez and Sara Segura.

Diaz Alonso presents …
•The Edge Prize to Hseng Tai Lintner (Architectural Technologies).
•The Blythe and Thom Mayne Undergraduate Thesis Prize to Isabela De Sousa and Karim Saleh.
•The Berta & Frank Gehry Prize to Alessio Grancini (M.Arch 1) and Runze Zhang (M.Arch 2).

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