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Graduation 2014 (September 7, 2014)01:18:08

Eric Owen Moss welcomes everyone to Graduation 2014, remarking that it marks a propitious moment for SCI-Arc, and the new graduates, in their effort to re-imagine what the future might be.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti argues that with the help of designers like the new graduates, cities will become the generators of solutions to contemporary problems. Garcetti concludes by offering four words of encouragement:

Be fearless, i.e. dare to dream boldly.
Be humble, i.e. consider all the ways to powerfully benefit cities that are not ego-driven, or monumental--citing the Ise Grand Shrine and CicLAvia.
Learn to listen, which combined with boldness and humility makes for a great leader.
Lead with love--acknowledge that design is about connecting people, for purposes of furthering what Aristotle defined as the purpose of cities: the good life.

Graduating B.Arch student Anthony Morey describes recently looking at his picture on his SCI-Arc i.d., and realizing how radically he has changed and grown in four and a half years. He recalls one of his first instructors, Eric Kahn, inspiring students to become the authors of their own stories, and not to be afraid of getting lost.

Hsinming Fung presents several academic honor awards:

The SCI-Arc Service Awards go to Manori Samanthika Sumanasinghe (B.Arch), Alexander Torrez Chang (B.Arch), Taryn Bone (M.Arch 1), and Austin Samson (M.Arch 2)
The Alpha Rho Chi medals go to Anthony Morey (B.Arch) and Jeffrey Halstead (M.Arch 2)

The Henry Adams certificates of merit go to Christopher Nielson (B.Arch), and Scotty Zane Carroll (M.Arch 1). The Henry Adams medals go to Matheos Mulugeta Asfaw (B.Arch) and Garrett T. Santo (M.Arch 1)

Hernan Diaz Alonso and John Enright present diplomas to the graduating B.Arch, M.Arch 1, M.Arch 2, ESTm and SCIFI students.

Eric Owen Moss presents awards for thesis projects:

Merit award for undergraduate thesis: Uriel Alexander Lopez, Su Yun Jessica Hong, Shane Ritter-Roth, Jing Yan, Kyle Branchesi, Anthony Morey, Matheos Mulugeta Asfaw, Hung The Diep
Merit award for graduate thesis: Julian Rui Huang, Morgan Wright Garrard, Han-Yuan Chang, Nan-Yen Chen, Sofya Lapina, Garrett T. Santo, Daiki Tsutsumi, Jordan Squires.

SCI-Arc Gehry Prize: Jie Yang (B.Arch), Hannah Goodale Pavlovich (M.Arch 1), Jeffrey Halstead (M.Arch 2), Mustafa Kustur (M.Arch 2)

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