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Graduation 2013 (September 8, 2013)02:02:02

Eric Owen Moss begins SCI-Arc's 2013 commencement by describing thesis weekend and the Graduation Pavilion as expressions of SCI-Arc's values.

Jean-Louis Cohen characterizes SCI-Arc as the intersection of L.A.'s architecture culture and a culture of subversion, which continue to make the school an essential source of new ideas about space, construction and geometry.

Eva Franch i Gilabert remarks that while her education stressed what architecture was, SCI-Arc's culture stresses what architecture could be. She advises the recent graduates to resist becoming either one of the three dominant types of architect--the Enabler, the Iconographer, or the Agitator--but strive to be all these at once, a fourth type she names the "SCI-Arc Architect."

Alumnus Stuart Magruder (M.Arch 1997) encourages the new graduates to get licensed and contribute an architectural viewpoint to public debate.

Graduating M.Arch student Stefano Passeri describes his educational experience as learning how to change, and learning from each other, in a community where it's impossible not to share.

Hsinming Fung presents the Alpha Rho Chi Medals, Henry Adams Medals, Henry Adams Certificates and SCI-Arc Service Awards.

Hernan Diaz Alonso and John Enright present the graduating B.Arch, M.Arch 1, M.Arch 2 and ESTM and SCIFI students with their diplomas.

Moss presents the merit awards for best undergraduate and graduate thesis, and the SCI-Arc Gehry Prize.

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