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Hashim Sarkis : Premises for practice (October 14, 2015)01:11:04

After being introduced by Hernan Diaz Alonso, Hashim Sarkis describes the challenge of practicing architecture in conditions of uncertainty. He discusses in detail the Byblos town hall (2016), which evolved into a framework for a town plan, including transportation, land use, public space including the different adjacent municipalities.

As he presents the Byblos town hall, Sarkis touches on several other projects, including …
•Housing for the fishermen of Tyre (2008)
•Balloon landing park, Beruit (2004)
•Project for Zorlu Center, Istanbul (2007)
•Agricultural and community center, Mejdlaya (2004)
•Olive oil press, Kfifane (2002)
•Series of villas north of Byblos
•Project for Heart of Doha Daily Mosque, Qatar (2010)
•Project for a school (2012)
•Installation at the Shenzhen/Hong Kong Biennale (2011-2)
•Project for Assabil public library, Beirut (2007)

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