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Lawrence Halprin (November 17, 1982) Part 2 of 244:51

Lawrence Halprin continues discussing projects, including:
•Downtown mall, Charlottesville (1976)
•Levi Plaza, San Francisco (1981)
•“In and On the Mountain,” first annual “Planetary Dance,” Mount Tamalpais (1981)
•Keller and Lovejoy fountains, transit mall and outdoor spaces, Portland (1971)

At 14:41, Halprin responds to audience comments and questions, covering topics including building codes, safety, open space, participatory design, workshops, plazas, fashions in architecture, Isamu Noguchi’s “California Scenario” in Costa Mesa, and how a project to design a Salvador Dalí museum led to meeting Dalí and directing a documentary about him, “Le Pink Grapefruit” (1976).

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