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Charles Gwathmey / Konrad Wachsmann (1977)01:58:11

This video contains two different events: first a talk by Charles Gwathmey, and then a debate about housing featuring Konrad Wachsmann.

Thom Mayne introduces Charles Gwathmey.

Gwathmey begins by describing his history with the “New York Five.” He states that he will discuss the six built projects that are diverse with regard to program, budget and site, but linked by process. He describes his sensibility as “anti-elitist,” and strives to work within site conditions, circulation patterns and structure for a creative approach to architecture.

Gwathmey discusses two houses. Citing Le Corbusier’s tendency to create prototypes, Gwathemy talks about these two houses it terms of material and site conditions.

Gwathmey describes a housing project in Rochester, New York as a rethinking of public housing and a response to the specific requirements of this inhabitants. His dormitory for SUNY Purchase is conceived in much the same way. Gwathmey talks about the desire to augment the social life of the campus, with the dorm acting as a stage for groups to assemble.

Gwathmey talks about his restoration of the Princeton’s Debate Society building.

At 1:32:05, Konrad Wachsmann and two unidentified men debate ways to expand low-cost housing. Some maintain that the problem is the costly inefficiency of contemporary construction, which could be relieved by streamlined, component techniques.

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