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Tsuyoshi Tane : Archaeology of the future (December 1, 2021)01:09:24

After John Enright’s introduction, Tsuyoshi Tane discusses the design process at his firm Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects (ATAA). He stresses physical models, rather than digital modeling, and thinking as an archaeologist – digging down to find lost pasts.

Tane discusses five projects in detail:
•The Estonian National Museum (2006-2016)
•Kofun Stadium proposal (2012)
•Todoroki House in Valley, Tokyo (2017-2018)
•Sasahatahatsu – 388 Farm, Tokyo (2020-2025)
•Hôtel de la Marine – Al Thani Collection, Paris (2019-2021)

Tane concludes with a discussion of architecture as the intersection of place (singularity) and space (infinity); memory (collectivity) and time (continuity).

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