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Richard Rogers: Conversation at SCI-Arc (1977)01:02:03

This video begins mid-conversation.

Richard Rogers discusses the French building stock and the difficulties in building the Centre Georges Pompidou in the center of Paris. Rogers answers questions on the Pompidou including the contract system for the project as well as some of the material properties involved in the construction. He discusses his interest in and the possibilities of fabricating some materials on the site.

Michael Rotundi asks Richard Rogers about the process of monitoring the uses of the Pompidou in order for the building to shift and flex to these uses as conceptually intended. Rogers comments on the hope to establish a team to evaluate and change the building organization. For example, the building occupancy had been nearly five times that anticipated upon opening and modifications to accommodate these numbers would be optimal. Rogers speaks about the advantages of external circulation in engaging the view of the city as well as becoming a focal point for visitors. He explains the outside of the building as an activity diagram rather than a facade. Rogers additionally comments on the issues they encountered as fire regulations were established during building process.

Eric Owen Moss asks Richard Rogers about a perceived contradiction between the image of the Centre Georges Pompidou as well as the custom fabrication and the concept of an off the shelf and changeable building. Rogers suggests that you cannot anticipate how change will take place, but that there may be major changes based upon the political shifts in France in the future. He explains in more detail how the building can shift and change and comments on his interest in the use of more standard components as he goes forward.

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