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John Sanday (March 15, 1989)01:51:11

Kurt Meyer introduces John Sanday, outlining his academic career in England and his focus on the conservation and preservation of historic buildings. He describes Sanday’s involvement with the Getty Foundation, and his 15 years in Nepal working on the preservation and restoration of historic buildings.

John Sanday reviews his work in Nepal. He describes the development of a new historic preservation strategy in partnership with the Getty Foundation. He discusses Nepal and its cultural heritage. Sanday describes typical dwellings of the Nepalese, and notes the introduction of new materials and building techniques. Sanday documents the dereliction and disasters that have damaged many of the buildings there. He proposes his strategy for responding to natural disasters, theft, and the effects of modernization.

Sanday describes the restoration of the Hanuman Dhoka royal palace in the center of the Kathmandu Valley. He chronicles damage the structure has suffered, and the restoration work performed. He explains in detail the installation of steel reinforcement, a measure intended to protect the building from further earthquake damage. He later discusses the development of a roofing technology suitable for the monsoons. Sanday reflects on his collaboration with local craftsmen, and their methods of brick and wood construction.

Sanday discusses his work in the city of Patan, documenting Nepalese efforts to repair buildings damaged by a 1934 earthquake, and his team’s response to water-damage. Sanday reviews local cultural traditions in Nepal.

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